Excellent sherry wines for you in our wine shop.
We are #VerySherry

The CoviJerez wine shop is located in the cooperative.
A very Jerez style wine shop, where you can buy our brands Fino Sin Pecado, the Romerito range (Amontillado, Oloroso, Palo Cortado, Medium, Cream and Pedro Ximénez); Vinagre de vino Las Angustias Solera 1967 and Vermut Miralamar. We also sell wines in bulk, from the butt to the bottle. And in the Mostos season, ask for them when served.

Discover the charm of coming to our wine shop.

In addition to the Cooperative’s wines and vinegars, a range of local food products is available in the shop, from Olive oil to cured meats and cheeses that combine perfectly with Fino Sin Pecado and other brands of the house.